Proudest Moment as a Designer

What is your proudest moment as a designer?

Top response

I can't recall exactly when my "moment" occurred, or where it was. It was one of those unforgettable private epiphanies. I was part of a large corporate IT group at the time. Engineers were worth their weight in gold. I was the round Bohemian peg that couldn't fit in the square technical hole. Management questioned my value. I yearned to be accepted and respected.

Design magazines offered insight, ideas and the knowledge that a vast community of creatives were running around out there. I often thought, "I want to be a part of that." Then one day in the midst of my pining, it happened: I realized, "I am a part of it."

Why pride? Not everyone can put color, shape, and words together in a provoking manner. Few accept the challenge to put themselves into every creation, and face acceptance or rejection. Fewer still take criticism and return with a better result.

What designers do is awe-inspiring in the truest sense of the phrase. To think I get to be counted among them is an honor.