Writing and Other Stuff


SimCreator is a graphical, hierarchical, real time simulation and modeling system. SimCreator is the product that launched Realtime Technologies. And it is the technology upon which many of our products are based. (more - redirect)

What is your proudest moment as a designer?

I can't recall exactly when my "moment" occurred, or where it was. IT was one of those unforgettable private epiphanies. I was part of a large corporate IT group at the time. Engineers were worth their weight in gold. (more)

The Importance of Communicaton

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings and manuscripts in its collections. Surely, it devotes miles of shelves, warehouses of space and bazillions of terabytes preserving works about writing, speaking, listening, advertising and . . . (more)

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